Introducing BrandCapture from BrandInMotion
The future of data capture, storage and reporting. All on your Mac, PC, iPad or Android device.
Cross-device support
A common problem with other data capture solutions is that they only run on one platform. BrandCapture has been developed and optimised for multiple sizes on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. Device purchasing can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour, but BrandCapture will run on the devices you already have, from iPads to Windows-based touchscreens with minimal fuss. Even better, the suite uses native controls from the platform it's installed on so your users can expect a seamless and consistent experience across all devices.
All types of user input
Modern data capture applications need to be flexible and intuitive enough to cover all your needs. BrandCapture supports all kinds of user input. Need your users to rate your conference on a scale of 1-10? Sorted. Want guests' text feedback on your event? Done. Need a complex, threaded survey completed? No problem. BrandCapture can do all of this and more! Make quizzes, competitions or any other fun content that'll engage your users — we'll take your brief and let BrandCapture weave its magic.
One of the biggest barriers to a successful data capture is manual entry of all fields, which works OK if your users have five minutes to fill in all their data. But most registration installations — particularly at RSVP events — need to be as quick as possible. Using data you've already captured from your RSVP list, BrandCapture can auto-suggest names as your user types. If they're found all other data can be auto-completed, saving your users time if all they need to do is register their attendance. The interface is touch-optimised, displaying a drop-down of matching records filtered by user input. What could be more convenient or faster? Get your users registered quickly so they can concentrate on your message.
Gallery, video and label support
Engage your users with immersive image galleries and videos out the box. BrandCapture can showcase your product or service in the way that best resonates with customers — visually. Create multiple, swipe-through galleries and embed your corporate or product video inside the capture application for easy demonstration. Not forgetting that personal touch, though: BrandCapture can interface with a label printer to produce custom name labels, promotional stickers or any other printable assets (PC and Mac only).
Online storage and reporting
Forget about painstakingly retrieving data from each device manually — BrandCapture syncs to our bespoke cloud server, immediately or when a connection is available. Data input can be monitored on the BrandIgniter system in realtime: see how many users have registered at any time and provide automated reports to your clients or customers via email. But don't worry if you have to do your capturing with no data connection, all responses are saved to the device until you can get near a WiFi or 3G access point. The app keeps a running record of how many entries still need to be synched to the cloud and can be either manually or automatically triggered to upload once connected. BrandIgniter also provides the functionality to export data in Excel or CSV format for integration into your own data systems, as well as graph stats such as number of entries over time, or responses by region or demographic. Reduce complex data to simple-to-understand pie or bar charts for use in presentations or reports.
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Cross-device support
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Realtime Reporting
Printer Support
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Price R35,000 R52,000 R68,000
Feel free to contact us regarding your personal requirements and we'll tailor a solution to your needs and budget. We also offer an attractively-priced agency package. Prices are subject to Terms & Conditions.
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